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 International Cheerleading Championships
 in Krakow
Polish Grand Prix 2017
Organizers: Janusz Korczak Youth Culture Centre in Krakow, Janusz Korczak Association in Krakow, Cheerleaders Association Krakow

Date: 18.11.2017

Place: Sports hall Centrum Kultury, Promocji i Rekreacji: ul. ks. Jana Michalika 2A
32 – 087 Zielonki

Dear cheerleaders,
I am happy to invite you to an Open International Cheerleading Championships in Krakow, the beautiful city in Poland. This competition is organized since 2005, and since 2014 it is one of the Polish Grand Prix tournaments. This year we are proud to announced that we are opening to other nationalities and we are broadening entry for European Cheer Union members. We will be extremely thrilled to see YOUR TEAM at the tournament in Krakow on 18th November 2017!


Manager of the Tournament
Agnieszka Horosin


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